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Samantha Hamilton

Samantha Hamilton

Samantha Hamilton: Psychic medium, Certificated Life Coach,Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master, accurate in all matters of the heart. Welcomes you.

Have an in-depth spiritual reading with Samantha

A psychic medium, life coach, Reiki master and teacher of self-knowledge, Samantha Hamilton is a practitioner of intuitive astrology and a master healer, whose skills have been recognised throughout the UK and internationally. Samantha’s acute psychic skills have attracted a loyal clientele that ranges from celebrities and  industry leaders to private individuals. Her standing as a psychic has soared through word-of-mouth recommendations plus a strong media presence: starring in an ITV program hosted by Philip Schofield called ‘Predictions’ as well as appearing on Sky TV, ITV, BBC Radio 4, Art FM, The Sunday Express and various national magazines. Harrods hosted Sam for 5 years as their psychic life coach.

Her achievements and predictions

Her achievements and predictions

Samantha works with your energy, reading your aura to understand your unique lifestyle situation, whether this be affairs of the heart, business matters, health issues, family quandaries or financial concerns. Using her natural psychic abilities she will give you a better understanding of your life, and the challenges and opportunities in front of you. Samantha’s mission is to provide reassurance, support and guidance to her clients. Her methods and resultant readings have resulted in a loyal following.

What to Expect


A Consultation with Samantha will give you a fresh perspective on all aspects of your life including: Love, Passion, Business, Family, Health and Connection with the afterlife.

Samantha will help you see clearly or look at your life from a different perspective. Through a visualisation process mapping your past, present and future, she will give you guidance, reassurance and help you put issues into a new perspective. Samantha has many years’ experience in her field and is very protective. There is nothing to fear from visiting Samantha, your deepest feelings and emotions will be nurtured by her gift. 


People have consulted Samantha regarding

  • Business and professional hurdles
  • Personal and relationship issues
  • Reconnecting with intimate relationships
  • Career predictions and advice
  • Marital disputes
  • Emotional Challenges and Healing
  • Financial concerns
  • Advice on every aspect of life.  

Open your mind to a new dimension of understanding.

Call Samantha Psychic Life Coach in Lincolnshire on 07801 567 846

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