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Psychic Readings

Offering psychic phone readings across the UK

A consultation with Samantha will give you a fresh perspective on all aspects of your life throughout Lincolnshire.   

Talk live with Samantha Hamilton using her critically acclaimed psychic phone readings service. Accurate, direct and honest, Samantha can answer all those burning concerns for your life, love, health, money, family matters and much more!  You can also have astrological readings on the phone, at the end of which you can ask Samantha any questions.

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Relaxing readings over the phone

Samantha can coach you and guide in the right direction. she helps you clear past and present life obstacles.If you opt for an in-depth reading with Samantha, you can open your mind to a new dimension of understanding. 

Sessions with her leave you with deep insights into matters that you are looking to find answers for. Every conversation with Samantha leaves you with positive energy, making you feel uplifted and lighter.
No matter where you live, you can talk with Samantha at Samantha Hamilton Psychic Life Coach. 

For insights into your past, present and future, give us a call today. You can rest assured that we keep every call confidential, giving high importance to customer privacy. Whether you wish to discuss relationship issues or require healing through releasing past hurts, Samantha can help.

You can also have astrological readings on phone, at the end of which you can ask Samantha any questions. Call today to speak with Samantha.

Find the answers you're looking for

A few of the common questions asked during phone readings are “How is my relationship going?”, “Is my sister doing fine?”, “Should I stay in my job?”.

People often enquire about upcoming events, such as family vacations and wedding dates.

Enabling you to heal from within

You will find our phone readings to be relaxing and inspiring. Speaking with Samantha provides you with a therapeutic and healing experience. Based in Lincolnshire, and assisting clients by phone from throughout the UK, she has helped many with relationship issues, work life issues and much more.

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